My name is Pawel Buczkowicz. Thank you for visiting my site, which highlights both my professional and personal interests.

What I Do

I am passionate about improving healthcare with simple, efficient and smart technologies, specifically relating to electronic health records and standardization of clinical vocabulary. In the age of big data, next-generation sequencing and personalized precision medicine, effortless recording and querying of patient data will be critical for improving diagnostic efficiency and accuracy, and will impact health economics and clinical collaboration on a global scale.

I bring a varied breadth of experience in business, industry and medical research (oncology, genetics, bioinformatics). I provide professional consulting related to technical and strategic aspects of any healthcare and medical research related topics.


Experience & Education

I hold a BSc in Chemistry and Biology from Ryerson University, a PhD in Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology from the University of Toronto and certification in Lean Six Sigma. Currently I am working in the medical software industry as an executive at Gene42 helping to develop, design and market smart and innovative technologies that will modernize digital health record systems and improve clinical care. My previous experience includes an eight and a half year stint as a medical research scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children, where I worked with teams of clinicians and researchers from all over the world on projects in oncology, cancer genetics, rheumatology and molecular pathology. My contributions to the medical community included the discovery of novel mutations in human cancer and the development of clinical correlates based on which a new World Health Organization classification was implemented for paediatric gliomas (diffuse midline glioma, H3 K27M–mutant), a type of childhood brain cancer. I also have experience in the biopharmaceutical industry having worked for a company which produced disease antigens from infectious pathogens for medical diagnostic and vaccine research, among other biopharmaceuticals. This combined experience gives me the critical thinking, problem solving, project management and communication skills to excel in the medical software, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.


Achievements & Awards



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Photography & Travel

I am passionate about photography, travel, and cars. These passions go well together because there is nothing that can inspire a beautiful photograph like a new place to explore or the mechanical and artistic majesty of a beautifully engineered automobile. This gallery is just a small sampling of some of my photos. I am by no means a professional photographer and do this simply as a hobby.

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